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Adoption Application

Please complete the information below to be considered for adoption

Please describe your current pets:
The best way to describe your home is:
The best way to describe the atmosphere of your home is:
The size of your dog should be:
The age of your dog should be
Your dog's activity level should be:
Your dog's experience with housetraining should be (please note that all dogs can have accidents in new environments):
Your dog's coat should be:
Your dog's shedding should be:
What are your thoughts on traning?
Would you hire a behaviourst or specialist if your dog needs it?
How often would your dog would be left alone in the home?
Do you plan to use a dog walker or doggy daycare?
Do you plan to crate your dog?
Where would your dog sleep at night?
When would your dog see a veterinarian (check all that apply)?

Please note: Adopting a dog is a significant responsibility and requires your long-term commitment for the duration of the dog's natural life. There will be no refunds on the money you pay for a dog's adoption fees. If you decide to surrender your dog after making the commitment to adopt, your money will be treated as a donation to our rescue and rehoming the dog you surrender.


Thanks for applying!

Before applying, please note the following important information:


  • To be considered, you must be 21 years of age or older.

  • You must have consent of all adults living in your household.

  • You must provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations for each pet in your home (e.g. rabies, even indoor cats) with a consistent history of medical records for them—unless a veterinarian has deemed them unable to be vaccinated due to health concerns. 

  • No dogs will be placed in homes with indoor smokers.

  • You must be willing to allow a volunteer to visit your home.

  • Completion of this application is not a guarantee that you will be permitted to adopt a dog.

  • All information should be included and up to date (your application will be denied if anything is incomplete).

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