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Foster Application

Please complete the information below to be considered for fostering

Thanks for applying!

This completed foster application is a contract. Therefore, all information provided must be answered truthfully. Completing the application is not an approval to become a foster. If you are approved, you assume the responsibility and liability for all incidents that may occur while a dog is in your care and for which Healing Hands for Helping Paws cannot be held responsible.

It is not permissible for you to make commitments to give the dog to another party, list the dog in any public forum, turn it into an animal shelter, or adopt it out on your own. Healing Hands for Helping Paws must be notified immediately if anything happens to the dog, such if they are sick, lost, stolen or injured. No expenses will be reimbursed without pre-approval.

As a foster, your dog must always have an appropriate collar, harness and leash. You must keep your yard or surrounding property secure with appropriate fencing and gates so the dog cannot escape. You agree not to leave a dog unattended, untethered or unleashed outside, or out of eyesight.

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