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Volunteer Application

Please complete the information below to be considered for volunteering

What type of volunteer work are you interested in?

Note: If you have a special expertise and would like to be considered for a different volunteer position, please detail your qualifications, background, courses, etc.


I agree to abide by the following policies during the time I am volunteering for Healing Hands for Helping Paws:

  1. I understand it is my decision to volunteer for Healing Hands for Helping Paws and I will not hold the organization, or any of its members, liable for any damage, injury or harm caused directly or indirectly through my volunteer activities with Healing Hands for Helping Paws.

  2. I will remember that in all my dealings with the public as a volunteer, I am representing Healing Hands for Helping Paws, and that the public will consider my words and actions regarding rescue activities representative of the attitude and position of Healing Hands for Helping Paws as an organization. I agree to maintain confidentiality with all information associated with Healing Hands for Helping Paws.

  3. I understand that Healing Hands for Helping Paws is not responsible for any illness or injury caused by any animals that I come into contact during my volunteer work. I agree to release from liability Healing Hands for Helping Paws should I become sick or injured from any animals as a result of my volunteer work.

  4. I will always remember that I represent a non-profit organization and cannot profit from any activity related to the organization.

  5. I understand that Healing Hands for Helping Paws cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the health, behaviour or temperament of any rescue dog I may handle. I am aware that rescue dogs may cause personal or property damage.

  6. I confirm that the statements and information in this Volunteer Application are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand by checking the box below that I agree to the policies as set forth in the Healing Hands for Helping Paws application.

Thanks for applying!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Healing Hands for Helping Paws. We are a foster-based rescue, working out of our homes with no actual facility.


The following application is to assess volunteers based on their knowledge and experience. All information will be expressly used for this purpose, and will not be shared with anyone outside our non-profit.

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